The Wrong Way to Learn Coding

I started using html when I started my job. 

Long story short, I use html when posting the blogs to the website, when I change a banner, when I send a newsletter. (Find out more here.)

And when I manage to change the layout of the newsletter, I feel proud of myself. When I figure out how to change something for the company blog, I am proud of myself.

So I’ve been using html and CSS on and off since October. But not all the time – as I’m a Marketing Assistant first and foremost. So I never have time to learn what I apply – I only try to figure out the code, or find a quick tutorial online, or modify a code I found to suit my needs.

And take it from me – this is definitely the wrong way to learn it. And as I do more and more stuff, I become more and more confused. But I’m still learning, even though sometimes I’m not sure how a webpage displays the way it does – I’m pretty sure that sometimes my CSS had unnecessary stuff in it, but I’m too afraid to delete anything in case I break my code.

A few weeks ago, I had to code a landing page from scratch – and I didn’t even know where to start! It’s marginally different from coding a newsletter. But at least I had a layout from the graphic designer, which made my job easier. In order to do this, I had to scour the internet for ideas, tips, code snippets and the like. And I couldn’t make the page responsive, especially in the short time frame I had (three days, and I had to do my other marketing tasks as well!). 

But I am still proud of myself and what I managed to do with my limited knowledge. And now I’m trying to set aside at least 30 minutes per weekday (and two hours at the weekend) to learn to code from scratch. 

This should be fun!


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