My favourite watch

I’ve been on the hunt for a new watch recently – and this had me thinking of what I want from a watch. I also remembered some of the watches I owned in my life, and I remembered them all fondly. So I started thinking about which one was my favourite from my collection.

As all young people, I had a lot of Swatch watches – and I honestly don’t really remember all of them.
But one stood out in particular – and I still have it (and I even know where it is!) – the limited edition Athens Olympics 2004 watch.

Image Source
My dad bought this for me when we went to the Athens Olympics – I was only 14 at the time. He made my mum walk in front with me, while he quickly went into the store and bought this without me knowing – I’ll always remember how happy I felt! I wore that watch everywhere and all the time – I rarely took it off even when sleeping.

I loved that it had all the logos for all the sports available at the Games, that it was in just black and white (I was in my dressing like a metalhead phase), that the dial was simple without any sparkly embellishments. It still works – but I won’t be wearing it again. The pattern started to peel off a bit near the lugs, and it’s a special watch for me, so I’ll be keeping it safe, out of harm’s way.
I am still looking for a simple watch – I think I’d like a black leather watch, with a simple dial, or maybe a dial with a date feature. I’ll let you know how that turns out.


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