Finding hidden gems in music

I am a lover of music – I can’t go through a day without listening to a few amazing songs. I am grateful that I am allowed to listen to music at work, as I couldn’t go through the day otherwise.

I worked in the music industry for a few years – then I studied Events Management at university, where I had a lot of Music Industries courses – from radio programming to organising rock concerts. Oh, speaking of rock, if I were to describe my musical taste, I’d say classic rock and blues, with some metal.

The truth is, in fact, different. I always go back to these styles, regardless of “phases”, and all the concerts I’ve attended (and they’ve been over 250) are from these genres. But I’m always on the hunt for amazing vocals and amazing melodies. Which can sometimes be from different genres.

So I’d like to start documenting these, and maybe showing others these “hidden” (some with thousands of views) gems I’m currently obsessed with. So hese are my Top 5 April Music Discoveries.

1. Kaleo – “I can’t Live Without You”

The first few shots of the video, coupled with the mellow guitar, are what made me stay. I first heard of Kaleo from the TV show “Vinyl”, and I’ve gone on to listen to their whole back catalogue – and this song has some bluesy elements to it, so it was an instant hit with me.

2. Asaf Avidan – “Her Lies”

If you think you don’t know this artist, think again – he’s the one behind the world-famous “Reckoning Song” (or “One Day”), usually played as a remix. For “Her Lies”, he’s using a loop pedal, which I’ve been a fan of for at least 10 years – and I love it when artists use it. His powerful vocals are haunting – it’s hard to look away.

3. Shawn James – “Flow”

I surprisingly found out about this artist through a YouTube comment – I was looking at a Hozier video, and someone was saying how they love this artist, and a reply they got was that they should check out Shawn James as well. So I did. And instantly fell in love with “Flow”.

4. Paolo Nutini – “Scream (Funk My Life Up)”

A friend of mine is a huge Paolo Nutini fan, but I rarely listened to him – I didn’t have a reason, it’s just that I didn’t think about really checking him out, mostly as my friend and I don’t usually have the same taste in music – I’m more of a hard rock person, she’s usually going for indie bands. So I’m glad I checked out this mellow, acoustic version – with a powerful ending.

5. Marc Broussard & Joe Stark – “Cry to Me”

One of my favourite movies from my late childhood was Dirty Dancing – I used to watch the VHS tape all the time with my mom (yes, I’m that old!). So “Cry to Me” was one of those old songs that I thought I’d only love in the version I knew – but I was so wrong. This version is amazing, powerful – and with a lot of beard.

These are the songs that have kept me going throughout April, and I recommend enjoying them with dim lights, a glass of whiskey, and good company.



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