How I got into coding

I started using html when I started my job. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t doing anything too complex or too hard! I started by posting the blogs to the website, and I had to do minor tweaks, such as the use of paragraphs, linking an image to a product, centering the image. Minor stuff like this.
Then I became braver. I started adding bullet points (by way of unordered lists). I added new pages to the website about competitions.

And then came the newsletters. We’re sending newsletters through html and templates. The graphic designer is sending the template one, while I was given the task to send the html ones.

And the newsletters were simple, with minimal design – in other words, they were truly ugly. But it was the best I could do.

And I’ve been sending newsletters for the past 5 months. But now they look better – it’s still the same information, but presented in a prettier way. Pretty is important, you want people to subscribe to your newsletters and not be deterred because they look as if they were made in 1996. In a few weeks, I’ll start sending out company newsletters, with stats, news, requests, goals and completed tasks. And the design is so beautiful!

I’m proud of myself – I’ve achieved so much in so little time. So the next step is to start to follow some coding tutorials, so my skills could grow. It’s not work if you enjoy it, right?


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