Coding Tips: Use Sublime

The Sublime text editor is probably the best thing in a coder’s arsenal. Whether you’re just learning and you need a way to clearly see what you’re doing, or your code is becoming longer and longer and harder to group, Sublime is the way to go.

I myself am not a coder. I am an Event Planner and a Marketer. But I have to do basic coding at my job – for blogs, changing the homepage, and newsletters.

So Sublime does make my life easier. You can choose what language you are using, and there are a myriad of options. I have to search for quite a bit when I look for html.

I’m sure there are other options out there, but I wholeheartedly recommend Sublime.


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  1. Paul says:

    I never really used sublime before. What I was introduced to when I was starting out a programmer was notepad++ and ever since I have grown to love the editor.

    Nevertheless, I will try sublime out and see for my self.

    Thanks for this. You have my follow. Follow me also at


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