5 Ways To Be More Productive

For those who know me, this title must seem extremely funny. I’m a procrastinator, I get distracted by everything.

But I get the job done, quickly, efficiently and without faults.

1. Turn off your notifications.
We all get Facebook or Whatsapp messages throughout the day, so try to minimise distraction by turning off your notifications. For example, I still get the on-screen notifications, but without the vibration. I noticed that with just the notification, I can ignore the message, but the vibration creates a sense of urgency.

2. Make a To Do list.
Do you have a lot of new tasks to do and less and less time? Do you sometimes take work home with you? To Do lists are the answer! Whether on a piece of paper or on an online calendar or an app, the possibilities are endless.

3. Prioritise

If you do find yourself swamped by work, take a deep breath and look at your To do list. What is the most important thing? What can wait? And go from there.

4. Learn to say ‘no’.

If eveyone starts asking you to do things, say ‘no’. If you must say yes, tell them ‘tomorrow’ (if it isn’t urgent, that is. Prioritise! See 3.)

5. Relax

Stress is horrible – it even makes you less productive. And you’ll crash and burn if you don’t take a break from time to time. The world won’t end if you miss a few small deadlines. Your mental health is more important.
With all these in mind, take care and be the best version of yourself!


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