We need to stand up and start talking

It’s LGBTQIA+ month in the UK, and in light of what’s happening around the world, I think we should talk about this more than ever. Trump is going berserk in the US, Romania wants a law for ‘protecting’ the ‘traditional family’, gay people around the world are afraid to come out as they could be thrown in jail.

And why is it important to ‘normalise’ being a part of the LGBTQ group? The right answer would be ‘because this is real life and 2017 and fuck off’. But the realistic answer is: Because most of us grow up straight – because there isn’t any other option if you listen to our language (how we all assume that she likes him or he likes her), or if you watch TV or read books. Because in school we had boyfriends that we didn’t really like as a boyfriend but as a friend – we never think about the alternative. Which, frankly, is a miriad of options, such as ‘am I asexual?’, ‘am I bisexual or maybe actually a lesbian?’, ‘do I simply not like the guy?’. And the most logical answer would obviously be the last one – I just didn’t find the right guy yet. Or that’s what relatives would tell me – and that I also need to have kids as my clock is ticking!

Why is it important to normalise being a part of the LGBT group? Because we need to be able to explore our sexuality from a young age – why is it ok to say ‘oh, look, they like each other’ to a little girl and a little boy in kindergarten, but as soon as there is a gay character on TV or in books, or in real life, our children are suddenly too young to be exposed to these?

Why is it important to normalise? Because people need to have access to language to describe themselves however they want – bisexuality is a thing, look it up; asexuality is normal, even when there’s a pressure on ‘losing’ your virginity; pansexual people do exist as trans and intersex and genderfluid people exist.

Why is it important? Because even within the LGBT group there are conflicts. Bisexuals cheat or need to make up their mind, asexuals don’t belong because they are ‘straight-passing’ – these need to stop. Strength really is in numbers.

Why? Because LGBTQIA+ people have always roamed the Earth and we need to stop judging right now.

So support LGBT people however you can – but remember: safety first.

*Edit: Representation is important, so thank you, Kristen Stewart. You nailed SNL. Can’t wait for the tweets.


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